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Bill began working in the heating and air conditioning industry by going to work for his uncle, Howard (Pat) Giesler at Central Hardware Co in Tomah, Wi. after graduating in 1971. Bill's grandfather, Henry (Pat) Giesler started working for this same company back in 1910.

In 1971, Bill worked in the hardware and plumbing department, eventually moving to the heating department in 1972 and by 1973 he began taking over the furnace service.  


He continued working at Central Hardware until 1978, when he took a job manufacturing furnaces and overseeing shipping and receiving for John Felton and Claire Walker at F&W Industries in Warrens, Wi.  During this time, he also did service on the side, working most nights and weekends until making it a full time business in 1982.


Working out of the trunk of his car and home office in the basement, Bill and his wife, Mary grew the business by word of mouth.  The garage ultimately became the heating shop as Mary continued working out of the home office.


In 1992, they moved to our current location.  With more room to expand the business and bring on more employees they eventually employed 9 full time employees and one part time including, at one point, all three of their children.

Daughter, Kristi, started working in April 2000 and is currently "the lady in the office!"

Son, Greg, started working in February 1997 and is currently our GeneralManager/Service Technician.

Daughter, Kasey, started working in 2002, eventually leaving to pursue other opportunities but is still involved as our social media manager.


In November 2005, Kristi's husband, Rick, also joined the team as a service technician.

In 2014, discussions began about Bill and Mary retiring and Rick and Kristi taking over the company.  In September 2014, the company quietly changed hands.  To this day, Bill's Heating & A/C still carries on the ethics and values passed down from several generations. 


We are very proud to continue providing you with top notch service!





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